The CCC Erlangen-EMN is an interdisciplinary oncological center of excellence, a so-called Comprehensive Cancer Center. In the tripartite care structure in Germany, the CCC ER-EMN is the top center with a combination of patient care, research and teaching. It sees itself as a jointly supported, interdisciplinary platform of the participating clinics, institutes and departments. Worldwide, top performance in oncology is increasingly linked to such centers, which have the entire spectrum of oncological competence and technology in both patient care and research.
There are:

  • Organ cancer centers that specialize in one type of tumor (C).
  • Oncology centers that treat multiple tumor types (CC)
  • Oncology centers of excellence that are qualified and conduct cancer research ( CCC).

The Comprehensive Cancer Center Erlangen-EMN is a joint structure of the Medical Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the University Hospital Erlangen, the Social Foundation Bamberg, the Bayreuth Hospital GmbH, the St. Marien Hospital Amberg , the Hospital Fürth, the Hospital Nuremberg and the Sana Hospital Hof . The basis of the cooperation is the certification of the sites as an Oncology Center according to criteria of the German Cancer Foundation.

All seven sites of the CCC Erlangen-EMN have an Oncology Center, which is certified according to the criteria of the German Cancer Society.