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Oncology centers

Oncology center - a strong alliance against cancer

The oncology centers of the University Hospital Erlangen, the Bamberg Social Foundation, the Bayreuth Clinic GmbH, the St. Marien Hospital Amberg, the Hospital Fürth, the Sana Hospital Hof and the Nuremberg Hospital have been certified by the German Cancer Society (DKG) and are reviewed by the DKG once a year.

Various cancer treatment units operate under the umbrella of these centers - the so-called organ cancer centers as well as modules or focal points - which concentrate on the interdisciplinary treatment of one type of cancer. In addition to specialized medical care, specialist oncological care and psycho-oncological and social counselling and support for cancer patients are firmly integrated into the care concept of the oncology centers. In addition, doctors in private practice can present patients in interdisciplinary case conferences (tumor boards).