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Goals and tasks

  • Cross-disciplinary and cross-structural optimization of the care of oncological patients in adults, children and adolescents.
  • Cross-disciplinary and cross-structural promotion of cancer research (epidemiological, clinical, translational and basic research).
  • Promotion of regional cooperation in the field of tumor diagnostics, therapy and follow-up care with other hospitals, in particular academic teaching hospitals, oncological specialist practices, specialist and general practitioner practices, hospices and rehabilitation facilities.
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary and cross-structural teaching in oncology.
  • Recruitment of particularly talented junior staff.

1. Central coordination

  • Further development of the central point of contact for cancer patients via the CCC ER-EMN patient guides 
  • Further development of the  interdisciplinary tumor boards at the CCC ER-EMN sites and the presentation of patients according to uniform SOPs
  • Establishment and expansion of organ-specific working groups, particularly in the areas of priority tumors
  • Quality assurance of patient care in the oncology area is achieved through certification in accordance with the criteria of the German Cancer Society

2. Advanced IT

  • Further development of IT support in the field of oncology. This takes place in documentation as well as in research and patient care

3. Documentation and SOPs

  • The CCC ER-EMN is developing central SOPs for various areas
  • The aim is to create treatment pathways with standardized recording of treatment steps and analyses based on outcome quality parameters
  • Further development of standardized patient information forms

4. Tumor documentation and public relations

5. Biobanking and Core Units

  • The CCC Erlangen-EMN has a central biobank for tumor tissue, DNA and other body fluids
  • Provision of central research units (CCC Core-Units) for joint use

6. Research

  • Conducting basic, translational and clinical research both at the CCC ER-EMN and as a member of the CCC Alliance WERA and the Bavarian Center for Cancer Research (BZKF)
  • Increasing the recruitment of ongoing clinical trials for all tumor entities
  • Establishment of an interdisciplinary study unit (ICTU) with integrated early phase study unit (Early Clinical Trial Unit)

7. Further education and teaching

  • Events for students
  • Organization of in-service oncology training and continuing education programs for nursing staff
  • Further training for researchers and scientists as part of a series of CCC lectures with internationally renowned scientists
  • Organization of lectures and further training courses as well as information events for patients and interested parties